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Title/Author/Publication date Type of publication
The high-level mobility assessment tool (HiMAT) for traumatic brain injury. Part 1: Item generation.
Williams, Gavin , 2005-10
Journal Article
Comparison between electromagnetic transponders and radiographic imaging for prostate localization: A pelvic phantom study with rotations and translations
Hamilton, Daniel, McKenzie, Dean, Perkins, Anne , 2017-07
Journal Article
Quantile regression: predicting more than the mean.
McKenzie, Dean, Gwini, Stella, Fahey, Michael , 2017-06
Conference Poster
Assessing rate of torque development using hand-held dynamometry after stroke: relationship with gait velocity.
Mentiplay, Benjamin, Williams, Gavin , 2017-06
Conference Poster
Implementation rates of uro-oncology multi-disciplinary meeting decisions.
Kinnear, Ned, Hennessey, Derek, Bolton, Damien , 2017-06
Conference Poster
Agitation during post traumatic amnesia: characteristics, predictors, and impact on therapy.
McKay, Adam, Trevena-Peters, Jessica, Ponsford, Jennie , 2017-06
Conference Poster
Clinical outcomes of transcatheter aortic valve implantation in nonagenarians.
Dick, Ronald, Duffy, Stephen, Stub, Dion , 2017-06
Conference Poster
Measuring user satisfaction with clinical information systems: What really matters?
Haddad, Peter, Wickramasinghe, Nilmini , 2017-06
Conference Poster
Assessing the implications of pervasive solutions to assist risk prevention: the case of home health monitoring.
Wickramasinghe, Nilmini, Haddad, Peter, Smart, Phil , 2017-06
Conference Poster
Meaningful management of heart failure at Epworth.
Morgan, Felicity, Zimmet, Hendrik, Harjit Singh, R. , 2017-06
Conference Poster
Functional decline in hospitalised older people: quality of 24-hour care.
Duke, Maxine, Botti, Mari, Ley, Lenore , 2017-06
Conference Poster
Better data, better outcomes and better value with analytics.
Wickramasinghe, Nilmini, McConchie, Steven, Haddad, Peter , 2017-06
Conference Poster
Assessment of upper and lower limb kinematics using the low-cost Microsoft Kinect: reliability and validity in people with acquired brain injury.
Kahn, Michelle, Mentiplay, Benjamin, Williams, Gavin , 2017-06
Conference Poster
Investigating the mediating role of nursing information systems using activity theory.
O'Connor, Louise, Wickramasinghe, Nilmini , 2017-06
Conference Poster
Thoracic outlet syndrome secondary to hydroxyapatite deposition disease complicated by subclavian vein thrombosis.
Marovic, Paul, Botterill, Elissa, Smith, Paul , 2017-06
Conference Poster
TBAN – Terahertz Body Area Network for non-invasive blood glucose monitoring
Wickramasinghe, Nilmini , 2017-06
Conference Poster
Graphing comorbidity.
McKenzie, Dean, Fahey, Michael, Gwini, Stella , 2017-06
Conference Poster
Key factors for the successful adoption of IS/IT in healthcare: a fit-viability perspective.
Muhammad, Imran, Haddad, Peter, Wickramasinghe, Nilmini , 2017-06
Conference Poster
Using healthcare information systems to facilitate smart and sustainable knowledge flow in healthcare: The case of allergy care in Australia.
Wickramasinghe, Nilmini, Haddad, Peter , 2017
Conference Poster
The reliability of measuring acetabular component position on radiographs using everyday diagnostic imaging software.
McKenzie, Dean, de Steiger, Richard , 2017
Journal Article