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Developing value-based smart healthcare operations.
Wickramasinghe, Nilmini, Phillips, David, Muhammed, I. , 2016-07
Conference Poster
The essential requirement for superoxide radical and nitric oxide formation for normal physiological function and healthy aging.
Linnane, A. W. , 2006-12
Journal Article
An observation audit tool for nurse-tonurse bedside clinical handover.
Waugh, R. D. , 2016-07
Conference Poster
Y chromosome microdeletions: implications for assisted conception.
Cram, David , 2006-10
Journal Article
Outcome of ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy for varicose veins: medium-term results assessed by ultrasound surveillance.
Myers, Ken, Clough, Anthony , 2007-01
Journal Article
Zero hospital admissions for infection after 577 transperineal prostate biopsies using single-dose cephazolin prophylaxis.
Frydenberg, Mark, Moon, Daniel, Landau, Adam , 2016-12
Journal Article
Warmed, humidified CO2 insufflation benefits intraoperative core temperature during laparoscopic surgery: A meta-analysis.
Dean, Meara, Mackay, John, Hiscock, Richard , 2016-12
Journal Article
Endobronchial Prostate Metastasis.
Bowden, Patrick, Antippa, Phillip , 2017-01
Poor methodological quality and reporting standards of systematic reviews in burn care management.
Wasiak, Jason , 2016-12
Journal Article
Observational gait analysis in traumatic brain injury: accuracy of clinical judgment.
Williams, Gavin , 2009-04
Journal Article
Epwords Summer 2016
Epworth HealthCare Marketing , 2016
Interventions for resuming driving after traumatic brain injury.
Ponsford, Jennie, Spitz, Gershon, Ross, Pamela , 2017-01
Journal Article
Impact of apolipoprotein gene on cognitive impairment and recovery after traumatic brain injury.
Ponsford, Jennie , 2007-02
Journal Article
Comparison of a calcium phosphate bone substitute with recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2: a prospective study of fusion rates, clinical outcomes and complications with 24-month follow-up.
Malham, Gregory , 2016-12
Journal Article
Clinical studies in dermatology require a post-treatment observation phase to define the impact of the intervention on the natural history of the complaint.
Sinclair, Rodney , 2016-08
Journal Article
The relationship between family expressed emotion, perceived criticism and criticism sensitivity and psychiatric outcomes following traumatic brain injury.
Alway, Yvette, Ponsford, Jennie, McKay, Adam , 2016-12
Journal Article
Desire for greater clarity when defining 'cognitive remediation' in reviews of treatment efficacy for schizophrenia.
Ponsford, Jennie , 2016-05
Journal Article
A video-oculographic study of acute vestibular syndromes.
McGuigan, Sean, Infeld, Bernie, Sultana, Ron , 2016-10
Journal Article
The relationship between interfragmentary movement and cell differentiation in early fracture healing under locking plate fixation.
Richardson, Martin , 2016-07
Journal Article
Computer assisted alignment of opening wedge high tibial osteotomy provides limited improvement of radiographic outcomes compared to flouroscopic alignment.
Stanley, J. C., Robinson, K. G., Richmond, A. K. , 2016-03
Journal Article