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2018-05Periprostatic fat tissue transcriptome reveals a signature diagnostic for high-risk prostate cancer.Mangiola, Stefano; Stuchbery, Ryan; Clarkson, Michael; Costello, Anthony; Hovens, Christopher; Corcoran, Niall; Macintyre, Geoff; Peters, Justin
2019-01FDG-PET/CT findings, the vital clue to rare diagnosis of herpes simplex virus lymphadenitis simulating Richter transformation.Prince, Miles; Douglas, Abby P; Mohammad, Atarod
2018-10Germline HAVCR2 mutations altering TIM-3 characterize subcutaneous panniculitis-like T cell lymphomas with hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytic syndrome.Prince, Miles; Gayden, Tenzin; Sepulveda, Fernando; Khuong-Quang, Dong-Anh; Pratt, Jonathan; Valera, Elvis; Garrigue, Alexandrine; Kelso, Susan; Sicheri, Frank; Mikael, Leonie; Hamel, Nancy; Bajic, Andrea; Dali, Rola; Deshmukh, Shriya; Dervovic, Dzana; Schramek, Daniel; Guerin, Frederic; Taipale, Mikko; Nikbakht, Hamid; Majewski, Jacek; Moshous, Despina; Charlebois, Janie; Abish, Sharon; Bole-Feysot, Christine; Nitschke, Patrick; Bader-Meunier, Brigitte; Mitchell, David; Thieblemont, Catherine; Battistella, Maxime; Gravel, Simon; Nguyen, Van-Hung; Conyers, Rachel; Diana, Jean-Sebastien; McCormack, Chris; Besnard, Marianne; Blanche, Stephane; Ekert, Paul; Fraitag, Sylvie; Foulkes, William; Fischer, Alain; Neven, Benedicte; Michonneau, David; de Saint Basile, Genevieve; Jabado, Nada
2018-10Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphomaPrince, Miles; Rastogi, P.; Deva, A.
2018-07Long-term survival after surgery and radiotherapy for recurrent or persistent ovarian and tubal cancerRome, Robert; Leung, Samuel; Dipnall, J.
2018-09Integrating novel systemic therapies for the treatment of mycosis fungoides and Sézary syndrome.Prince, Miles; Querfeld, C.
2018-03Systematic review and meta-analysis of objective assessment of physical fitness in patients undergoing colorectal cancer surgery.Lee, Angus; Heriot, Alexander; Kong, J.; Ismail, H.; Riedel, B.
2018-09Short-term outcome of emergency colorectal cancer surgery: results from Bi-National Colorectal Cancer Audit.Sitzler, Paul; Warrier, Satish; Heriot, Alexander; Lee, Angus; Kong, J.; Zalcberg, J.
2018-09The impact and indications for Oncotype DX on adjuvant treatment recommendations when third-party funding is unavailable.Foo, Serene; Jennens, Ross; Chin-Lee, L.; De Boer, Richard; Segelov, E.; Marx, G.; Hughes, T.; McCarthy, N.; White, S.; Rutovitz, J.; Della-Fiorentina, S.; Antill, Y.; Tsoi, D.; Cronk, M.; Lombard, J.; Kiely, B.; Chirgwin, J.; Gorelik, A.; Mann, G.
2018-06An ultrasensitive method for detecting somatic mutations from circulating tumour DNA- AVENIO ctDNA Expanded Kit.Yellapu, Bhargavi; Yannakou, Costas; Prince, Miles; Chandrashekar, Sushma; Wong, Stephen; McEvoy, Chris; Fellowes, Andrew; Zivanovic, A.; Tan, L.; Sheth, H.; Loi, Sherene; Fox, Stephen; Dawson, S. J.; Sherene, L.
2018-06End of life care of patients with Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) – Exploring barriers to discharge planning in an acute setting.Marino, Reannah
2018-02Brentuximab vedotin: targeting CD30 as standard in CTCL.Prince, Miles; Gautam, Ashish; Kim, Youn
2018-02The impact of sexual orientation on body image, self-esteem, urinary and sexual functions in the experience of prostate cancer.Thomas, Christopher; Wootten, Addie; McKenzie, Dean; Robinson, Priscilla; Law, P. C. F.
2017-05The incidence and natural history of dasatinib complications in the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia.Fox, Lucy; Schwarer, Anthony; Cummins, Katherine; Costello, Ben; Yeung, David; Cleary, Rebecca; Cecily, Forsyth; Tatarczuch, Maciek; Burbury, Kate; Motorna, Olga; Shortt, Jake; Fleming, Shaun; McQuillan, Andrew; Harrup, Rosemary; Holmes, Amy; Ratnasingam, Sumita; Shan, Kah-Lok; Hsu, Wei-Hsun; Ashraf, Asma; Putt, Faye; Grigg, Andrew
2017-01A clinical database to assess action levels and tolerances for the ongoing use of Mobius3D.Jolly, David; Dunn, Leon; Kenny, John
2017-03Adenoma recurrence after piecemeal colonic EMR is predictable: the Sydney EMR recurrence tool.Brown, Gregor; Tate, David; Desomer, Lobke; Klein, Amir; Hourigan, Luke; Lee, Eric; Moss, Alan; Ormonde, Donald; Raftopoulos, Spiro; Singh, Rajvinder; Williams, Stephen; Zanati, Simon; Byth, Karen; Bourke, Michael
2017-09Risk stratification for covert invasive cancer among patients referred for colonic endoscopic mucosal resection: A large multicenter cohort.Brown, Gregor; Burgess, Nicholas; Hourigan, L. F.; Zanati, S. A.; Singh, R.; Williams, S. J.; Raftopoulos, S. C.; Ormonde, D.; Moss, A.; Blyth, K.; Mahajan, H.; McLeod, D.; Bourke, Michael
2017-09Understanding CD30 biology and therapeutic targeting: a historical perspective providing insight into future directions.Prince, Miles; Van Der Weyden, Carrie; Pileri, Stefano; Feldman, Andrew; Whisstock, James
2017-10Intraductal carcinoma of the prostate can evade androgen deprivation, with emergence of castrate-tolerant cells.Moon, Daniel; Porter, Laura; Hashimoto, Kohei; Lawrence, Mitchell; Pezaro, Carmel; Clouston, David; Wang, Hong; Papargiris, Melissa; Thorne, Heather; Li, Jason; KConFab; Ryan, Andrew; Norden, Sam; Bolton, Damien; Sengupta, Shomik; Frydenberg, Mark; Murphy, Declan; Risbridger, Gail; Taylor, Renea
2017-10Homologous recombination DNA repair pathway disruption and retinoblastoma protein loss are associated with exceptional survival in high-grade serous ovarian cancer.Rome, Robert; Garsed, Dale; Alsop, Kathryn; Fereday, Sian; Emmanuel, Catherine; Kennedy, Catherine; Etemadmoghadam, Dariush; Gao, Bo; Gebski, Val; Garès, Valérie; Christie, Elizabeth; Wouters, Maartje; Milne, Katy; George, Joshy; Patch, Ann-Marie; Li, Jason; Arnau, Gisela Mir; Semple, Timothy; Gadipally, Sreeja; Chiew, Yoke-Eng; Hendley, Joy; Mikeska, Thomas; Zapparoli, Giada; Amarasinghe, Kaushalya; Grimmond, Sean; Pearson, John; Waddell, Nicola; Hung, Jillian; Stewart, Colin; Sharma, Raghwa; Allan, Prue; Rambau, Peter; Traficante, Nadia; McNally, Orla; Mileshkin, Linda; Hamilton, Anne; Ananda, Sumitra; Grossi, Marisa; Cohen, Paul; Leung, Yee; Beale, Philip; Blomfield, Penny; Friedlander, Michael; Brand, Alison; Dobrovic, Alexander; Köbel, Martin; Harnett, Paul; Nelson, Brad; Bowtell, David; deFazio, Anna
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 273