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Title: Quality of Life outcomes and psychosocial outcomes in lower limb amputees: a longitudinal prospective study.
Epworth Authors: Bhasin, Ekta
Hale, Tom
McKenzie, Dean
Olver, John
Keywords: Lower Limb Amputees
Below Knee Amputation
Above Knee Amputation
Psychosocial Outcomes
Quality of Life Outcomes
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Score
Issue Date: Oct-2023
Conference Name: Epworth HealthCare Research Month 2023
Conference Location: Epworth Research Institute, Victoria, Australia
Abstract: Amputation leads to permanent disability and brings about dramatic changes in an individuals life in all aspects of their daily functioning. The loss of a limb, especially in traumatic events such as traffic or industrial accidents, results in significant psychological adjustment. It is important to understand rehabilitation outcomes in amputees in Australia in order to ensure holistic reintegration and participation of amputee patients into the community to enable patients to regain or maintain QoL. this study shows that emotional wellbeing and overall burden of prosthetic use improved over time, regardless of level of amputation. Compared to above knee amputation, those with below knee amputation show significant improvements in post traumatic stress disorder scores.
Type: Conference Poster
Type of Clinical Study or Trial: Prospective Study
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