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2023-10OGB CARES: A multidisciplinary approach to improving bowel endometriosis diagnosis and management.Ward, Madeleine; Dalton, Russell; Smith, Paul; McMannus, Luke; McKenzie, Dean; Guest, Glenn; Prince-Smith, Anna; Le, Ha; Robinson, Suzanne 
2023-10Clinical factors that increase the risk for endometriosis recurrence.Holdsworth-Carson, Sarah; Chung, Jessica; Machalek, Dorothy; Griffiths, Meaghan; Kyu Jun, Byung; Li, Rebecca; Donoghue, Jacqueline; Montgomery, Grant; Dior, Uri; Reddington, Charlotte; Girling, Jane; Healey, Martin; Rogers, Peter 
2023-10Malignant transformation of Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm (IPMN): a multi-centre retrospective analysis from the IPMN registry.Metz, Andrew; Fox, Adrian; Meehan, Edward; Lin, Lyman; Bradshaw, Luke; Chong, Lyn; Croagh, Daniel; Huynh, Isabelle; Ji, Katharine; Knowles, Brett; Lim, Eunice; Panuganti, Vishwakar; Santucci, Jordan; Schneider, Daniel; Sutherland, Tom; Wong, Enoch; Xu, Ruiwen 
2023-10Consumer and health professionals’ views on multidisciplinary team care for endometriosis in Australia: a co-designed patient-centred survey.Tyson, Kate; Campbell, Nikki; Zmislja, Eliza; Bell, Georgina; Chan, Karyn; Cho, Jin; Gama, Rafaella; Readman, Emma; Sproal, Arna; Holdsworth-Carson, Sarah; Beauchamp, Annette; Chapman, Laura; Christelis, Nick; Morrison, Shan; Pirotta, Stephanie 
2023-10Plasma mass spectrometry-based proteomic biomarker discovery for endometriosis.Holdsworth-Carson, Sarah; Rao, Sushma; Boughton, Berin; Snel, Marten; Pukala, Tara; Griffiths, Meaghan; Rogers, Peter; Girling, Jane 
2023-10Narrative discourse therapy for patients in post-traumatic amnesia: a feasibility study.Vazirani, Aashna; Checklin, Martin; McKenzie, Dean; McKay, Adam; Steel, Joanne 
2023-10Nothing to scoff at: one patients' journey with disordered eating.Pompei, Brooke; Gwee, Karen; Hooper, Suzie; Kaplan, Amy 
2023-10Epworth malnutrition prevalence and weight monitoring practices audit- a 5 year review.Gray, Catrina; Surace, Ryan; Ferguson, Claire 
2023-10Implementation of an eating disorder screening and care pathway in a general mental health inpatient service.Kaplan, Amy; Hooper, Suzie; Hutchinson, Ana; Gwee, Karen; Valent, Lola; Khaw, Damien; Wilcox, Jane 
2023-10Extracellular vesicles as biomarkers of endometriosis.Vollenhoven, Beverley; James, Chloe; Farley, Johanna; Borash, Natasha; Tresso, Anna; Thota, Niharika; Shima, Bayat; Shah, Anup; Steele, Joel; Schittenhelm, Ralf B; Gurung, Shanti; Tapmeier, Thomas 
2023-1030-day valve in valve transcatheter aortic valve implantation outcomes, from ACE-TAVI registry.Haji, Kawa; Nanayakkara, Shane; Palmer, Sonny; Noaman, Samer; Dick, Ronald; Walton, Antony; Zimmet, Adam; McGaw, David; Reid, J; Johnston, Rox; Htun, Nay Min; Stub, Dion 
2023-10Exploring stakeholders’ views of a new eating disorder care pathway and education program in a general mental health ward.Wilcox, Jane; Hooper, Suzie; Hutchinson, Ana; Gwee, Karen; Valent, Lola; Kaplan, Amy 
2023-10Mental and physical health comorbidities in traumatic brain injury: A comparison with non-TBI controls.Ayton, Amber; Spitz, Gershon; Hicks, Amelia J; Ponsford, Jennie 
2023-10Telementoring in gynaecology endosurgical procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic.Ward, Madeline; Bardsley, Michael; Carter, Michael; Dalton, Russell 
2023-10Feasibility and acceptability of using wireless cardiac monitoring before transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI): A pilot study.Lee, C; Hutchinson, Anastasia; Dick, Ronald; Yudi, Matias; Proimos, George; Soon, Kean; Palmer, Sonny; Leary, Olivia; Canon, Candice; Khaw, Damien; Walton, Antony 
2023-10Implications of best practice in falls prevention across Epworth: a prospective comparative study.Fowler Steen, Spencer; McKenzie, Dean; Hutchinson, Ana; Steen, Kate 
2023-10PIPAC for peritoneal cancer: The Epworth experience.Lynch, Craig; Zimet, Allan 
2023-10Mechanised triage: A pilot study investigating the role of machine learning to triage penile lesions.Murphy, Declan; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; O'Brien, Jonathan; Nandakishor, Kishor; Chen, Kenneth; Teh, Jiasian; Kelly, Brian; Manning, Todd; Sathianathen, Niranjan; Chee, Justin; Palaniswami, Marimuthu 
2023-10Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA) as a marker of residual disease and recurrence risk in resected stage I IV epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC).Ananda, Sumitra; Hong, Wei; Richardson, Gary; Lombard, Janine; Goss, Geraldine; Mileshkin, Linda; Steer, Christopher; O’Broin Lennon, Anne Marie; McNally, Orla; Douville, Christopher; Popoli, Maria; Ptak, Janine; Silliman, Natalie; Dobbyn, Lisa; Papadopoulos, Nicholas; Kinzler, Kenneth; Vogelstein, Bert; Tie, Jeanne; Gibbs, Peter 
2023-10The impact of teach back education to reduce prevalence of falls in low-and high-risk rehabilitation inpatients.Hutchinson, Ana; Miles, Kim; Fotopoulos, Rennie; Khaw, Damien; Hooper, Suzie 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 383